Board Members

Term is the year in which the Board Member’s term expires. Board Members can be reached by clicking on their name to send an email, or by calling 937-748-1209 and entering their extension number.

Name Term Phone
Area of Responsibility
Susie Clinton 2015 510 President, Youth & Family Events Coordinator
Steven Dickey 2014 513
Bill Drewry 2014 514 Facilities
2014 512
Holly Johnson 2014 515
Sarah Jung 2014 511 Secretary, Concessions, Desk/Concession Workers, Day to Day Operations
Brian Schroeder N/A 516 Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Pool Rentals

Board members (except the Treasurer, who is selected by the other six board members) are elected to a two year term by the current members during our Annual Membership Meeting in late August each year. We are committed to ensuring that the Tamarack Swim Club is a fun, safe and exciting place to be. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

If you are interested in nominating yourself for consideration on the board, please contact the current Board President to express your interest and desire.