Are you open to the public?
We are not open to the public as we are a private, exclusive swim club.  However, any family, couple, or individual adult can become a member. We are a private swim club and you must be a member or guest of a member to come in. We may offer special community days where non-member families may swim. All memberships are subject to board approval.

Who owns the club?
Our members do. By joining and becoming a member of our club, you become an owner and have a say in the operation of the club at our annual membership meeting in August. If you want even more input into the club’s operation, members have the opportunity to run for election to our Board of Trustees who manage and operate the club.

Why is your membership cost so much more than the nearby public pools?
We are a private, exclusive swim club. Our membership fees need to pay our bills. If you compare our cost, including joining or initiation fees to virtually any other private swim club in the area, you will find our cost to be quite reasonable and competitive. We do not receive subsidies from municipal government agencies or from a large amusement park corporation.  If we cannot pay our bills, we close, so we need to charge what it costs to run the pool with the anticipated number of members.

Do you need to live in the neighborhood to join?
Nope! Memberships are available to residents of Springboro and the surrounding communities. You DO NOT need to live in the Tamarack / Royal Springs neighborhood to become a member.

What is your guest policy?
— Guests must be accompanied at all times by a member. If the member leaves the pool, the guest must also leave. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
— Individuals may only be a guest 7 times a year, regardless of sponsoring member.  After 7 visits, a membership must be purchased.
— Guests must provide their first and last name at the front desk and pay the guest fee to be admitted. The sponsoring member must be present at the front desk to register the guest.

What are your rules for babysitters?
A babysitter may attend with your children in lieu of a parent for no additional charge. If the babysitter attends with the parent, the normal guest policy applies.  A babysitter’s own children are subject to the normal guest policy.

Why should I join a private club over a public pool?
Our members enjoy the quiet, relaxed, family atmosphere of our private club. Except for the busiest of days (and usually even then), you will find an open lounge chair, and your kids are not lost in a sea of people in the pool, so you can see them from your chair. Our lifeguards get to know the kids who are at the pool regularly and their abilities.

Can I just buy a membership for my child?
As a member-owned club, children are not permitted to hold a membership. All memberships must have at least one adult as the primary member.

Can my child come to the pool by him or herself?
Children must be 10 years of age or older and be able to swim and follow lifeguard instructions to come to the pool without an adult. Adult supervision may be required of any child at the Board of Trustees’ discretion.

Do you have a concession stand?
Yes, our concession stand stocks water, soft drinks, juices, chips, candy, and microwaveable snacks like pretzels, corn dogs, and mini pizzas.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes, we allow outside food and drinks to be brought in. We only ask that it not be in glass containers.

Can I use the Staycation over 14 non-consecutive days?
No, Staycations are only valid for 14 consecutive days, and start automatically on the first day they are used.  It can be bought in advance, but starts at the first visit, and expires 14 days later.  There is a limit of one Staycation per family per year.  If a membership is purchased immediately following a staycation (within two weeks), we will gladly deduct the cost of the staycation from the cost of your new membership!