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Residents of Springboro and all surrounding communities are invited to become members of Tamarack Swim Club.   If you have any questions regarding memberships, email our Membership Coordinator, or call 937-748-1209 for more information.

In addition, Families and Couples may “Add-On” up to two additional CHILDREN (under 18 years old) to their Family or Couples membership for $160 each. Don’t need a full Summer membership, or want to give the pool a try before committing to the whole summer? Try our Staycation Pass.

Prices prorated for the remainder of the summer

New/Lapsed* Member in 2016


$375 $150

$325 $100

Includes head of household parent(s) and all dependent children.


$290 $125

$240 $75

Two adults living at the same address or one adult and one dependent child.


$210 $100

$160 $50

One single adult.
*Includes $50 joining fee.